Click on this video for a glimpse of our cast member Olivia Fox on the B.A.F.T.A. Award Winning Hit show “Made In Chelsea – The L.A. Season”

ON TV, INC. works with British production companies and content creators to book all-American real talent for digital content, reality shows and documentary projects. Our collaborations with London based producers include casting of “Made In Chelsea: L.A” and this year’s Super Bowl 50 social media campaign. We also specialize in booking and producing talent for British shows that get transplanted “across the pond” to the U.S. including the American version of GoggleBox (The People’s Couch) for All3Media, Living With The Enemy for BBC



Executive Producer Johnnie Raines is the President of ON TV, INC. and the Supervising Casting Director. He first came to England for a study abroad program at the University of Kent at Canterbury in his junior year of college. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Journalism and returned to England and began his professional career working in London for a top PR & Marketing Communications Agency. Johnnie has an expert understanding of the British sensibility and prides himself and his company’s ability to deliver stellar results that play across all screens abroad and at home.